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Mail Order Advertising

  Mail Order advertising by Direct Mail and on the Internet.

Welcome to our mail order website!  Our purpose is to provide a convenient place for people in the Mail Order industry to place ads at a reasonable cost, on a site that is logical in structure and easy to get around and for browsers who are looking for good deals and great money-making opportunities.  
We will be placing articles regularly on aspects of mail order and home business in order to give value to our visitors and to encourage them to return frequently.  
This site is a work-in-progress and we welcome your suggestions, opinions and advice regarding changes  or extra features that might make the site easier to use.  Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again soon.


We have Special Introductory Rates !!   Please see our Rates page.
$1 per inch for 1 year for Adsheet style ads.
$5  for Adsheets and Flyers per year for a full page online.
Our Rates page gives more details and Special Deals.
We will be posting  new Mail Order type articles on the site each week.
All positive suggestions are welcome.  Click Contact link above. Make a great suggestion and get a free ad !

We can link your postcard / flyer / ad  to your website so that if any part of your ad is  clicked it will bring your 
visitor  to either your full info page on this site or bring him to your external corporate website where he can sign up.
This greatly enhances your advertising and enables your visitor to get more information quickly
 - while your potential customer is most interested!
Only $5 extra for this valuable feature - but you can get it free!  See our rates page for special deals.


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